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The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”

~Alexandra K Trenfor

Teaching is one of our absolute favorite things to do at Kreomics.  We strongly believe in the power of information to facilitate us in remembering our truth.

Our classes have been taught in the lecture theatres of Oxford University, the libraries of Laos,  the Yoga studios of California and the classrooms of San Diegan seventh graders.  The common thread which runs through all of our classes is an ability to connect with our students so that they leave with a better sense of their own magnificence.

Here’s what some of our past student’s have to say.

Wow!  Your presentation was a game changer for so many of the students! Suddenly all the philosophy was REAL!!!”  ~Flossie Park, Director of the Soul of Yoga 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

You are such a brilliant teacher and I found your teaching is very powerful and you have left such an indelible impression on me.”  ~Novice Sing, Laotian monk

Thank you for coming in to our class and showing us your passion for science.  You have made many people think of choosing science as their career.”  ~Blake (Age 12)

I want to thank you for coming.  Its not something I want to get into, science that is.  But thank you for teaching me to be passionate about my job.”  ~Brandon (Age 12)

Please feel free to contact us to inquire about classes we could provide in your organization.

“Eclipsed blood moon rising.”