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Dr Kulvinder Kaur


Be the change you wish to see in your cells.

~Kulvinder Kaur

Kreomics was founded by Dr Kulvinder Kaur to offer scientific support to the Integrative Health community.  As a scientist at the University of Oxford,  Dr Kaur’s early research pioneered the use of disruptive technologies to enhance the healthcare industry through genetic diagnostics.  After fourteen years at Oxford, she was invited to work in the US Biotechnology industry as an ‘Alien of Extraordinary Ability’.

On moving to California, Kulvinder discovered the power of applying integrative health practices in her own life and wanted to understand the mechanisms behind some of the physiological changes she observed.  Kreomics is the vehicle through which she applies her love of genetics to understanding the scientific basis of integrative medicine, by providing empirical evidence for the alterations to our cells which occur when our innate healing capacity is activated.

Our core research question at Kreomics explores how we can leverage the information provided by the tools of genetics to make more empowered choices with regard to our personal health and well-being.