How ‘Kreomics’ Got Its Name.

Sometimes Kreomics sounds like Trail Mix.  And that makes me happy.

Many people have inquired about the name of our company so I thought I’d give you a little insight into how Kreomics got its name today.

Once upon a time there was a scientist who liked playing with words…

Actually that’s true.  I do.  The one I’m playing with most at the moment is ‘nonsense’.  I’m really curious about the negative connotations of the word nonsense because I love all things non-sense.  It is a known fact that just because something cannot be perceived by our own limited human senses that doesn’t mean its nonexistent.  Think about the superior olfactory senses of a dog.  Their sense of smell is around 100,000 times more acute than ours and therefore they can perceive many things that are none sensory to a human.  So just because something can’t be identified by the magnificent, yet limited, five senses that our human bodies possess, that doesn’t make it nonsense.  Words have power.  Just sayin’.

But back to naming Kreomics.

One of the many ideas that I would love for this company to embody is the power of creativity and the continuity between a creator and their creation.  I’m also a fluent Welsh speaker and this ancient Celtic language is very dear to my heart.  The Welsh word for create is ‘Creu’ (pronounced Cray as in Crayfish).  I was personally named per the Sikh tradition of opening the scriptures on a random page and having the first letter of that page be the first letter of your name.  Obviously I landed on K (as did my niece and my dad as it so happens).    I wanted all of this to be reflected in the name, and I am ‘one who hopes’, which also happens to be the English translation of the word Esperanto.  I’m always blown away by how the ancient vibration of OM has made it into so many modern words, like Genome, Biome, Telomere, Home and…Gnome.  I love the feel of ancient languages like Latin.  And another thing that makes me happy is when the Sciences and the Arts share and co-create.

You following me so far?  Well, I wasn’t so I made myself a spreadsheet.

Here’s what came out of it.

The name would begin with K and have the same vibration as the Welsh work for create.

The Esperanto word for Creation is ‘KREO’ which met both of these criteria and also made me feel hopeful!

I wanted the seed sound of ‘OM’ at the core of the name.

And we would end with the Latin epithet ‘ICS’ which denotes matters relevant to both the Sciences and the Arts.


The fact that it reminds me of Trail Mix is a happy aside.  I love the mixture of the nutty, the fruity and the chocolaty.  It’s the culinary equivalent of mind, body and Spirit.  There’s no doubt that I have a Nutty brain.  My physical form can often be Fruity.  And Chocolate is my Soul food.

I love you for reading to the end!

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