It’s my daily ‘To Me, From Me’ telling me just how much I unconditionally love ME!

As we embark on this new journey, it seems only fitting that my first little missive would talk about my Sadhana.  Loosely translated it’s the Sanskrit vibration for ‘Victory’ and today certainly feels like a victory.  A victory over self-doubt.  A victory over sub-conscious programming.  A victory over ancestral patterning.  A victory over my perceived limitations.  In fact, a victory over all that no longer serves me.  So when people ask me what made me leave the security of my lucrative career as a well-respected scientist and take this adventure into the unknown with Kreomics, the most honest answer I can give them is…Sadhana made me do it.

Hmmmm.  All well and good, but we still don’t know what Sadhana actually is!  Actually, neither do I but I can tell you what it means to me in the context of my life.

My Sadhana is the moments that I put aside every single day to do something that nourishes the deepest part of my being.  During my TEDx talk, I posed the question inspired by Edward Abbey “What is the necessity of your Human Spirit?”.  During my Sadhana, I answer that question every day by being still and being with that which makes me feel most peaceful, compassionate, loving and joyful.

Yeah, yeah but we’d like specifics please.  Still sounds a little airy fairy to me.

Okie dokie.  Well, I like this part of the Wiki definition which describes Sadhana as a daily practice which leads the practitioner “…towards the very ultimate expression of his or her life…”.

So going by that, I’d describe my Sadhana as that which I do every day as an expression of unconditional self-love which unveils my most magnificent self.  Isn’t it curious that undertaking an act that makes me really happy every day has proven to be so difficult to fit into my life?   I can tell you all about my epic Sadhana fails.  I have lost count of the number of times I’ve undertaken a forty-day Sadhana challenge only to find myself struggling and striving to fit it in to my hectic daily schedule.  Ah crap, I missed a day, oh well, I’ll just mediate for twice as long tomorrow to make up for it.  Hmmm.  I’m bored now.  I’ll do a shorter yoga set today.  It’s a bit drizzly outside, I’ll take my daily beach walk later.  Oh poop nugget, I forgot to breathe deeply for my two minutes today, but I did four minutes yesterday so that counts.  Eeep.  I knew I still had something left to do today.  Well, I’ll just listen to music while I’m falling asleep instead.

Ultimately, what has worked for me is that my Sadhana wasn’t incorporated into my life as a challenge.  I actually found my personal Sadhana in my surrender to the deepest truth within myself.  In my honoring of that which makes my life proceed with ease and grace.  As for the specifics of my personal practice, you know, it’s kind of irrelevant (unless it’s to satisfy a curiosity in which case drop me a line and I’ll tell you!).  That which is the necessity of my Spirit is likely to be somewhat different to that which is the necessity of yours.

However, for all of us, finding that minute, or two, or five, or ninety, or whatever, every single day to truly honor our time on this Earth by doing something that makes us feel unconditionally loved, is a life affirming and victorious act.  And, the next time you do something which might not make sense to everyone around you, but you just know is the very ultimate expression of your truth in this lifetime, you can tell them that Sadhana made you do it.

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